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The Clerk of Works, (often abbreviated CoW), is a person employed by the Architect or client on a construction site. The role is primarily to represent the interests of the client in regard to ensuring the quality of both materials and workmanship are in accordance with the design information such as specification and engineer drawings; in addition to recognized quality standards and applicable building codes. Our Clerk of Works Services conform to what the duties and responsibilities of a professional construction manager should be.

Our CoW will make him/herself familiar with the purpose of the facility to be constructed, owner's requirements, the design & specifications, the budget, and the contract documents. This familiarity translates to cost savings and operational efficacy that will only guarantee the success and readiness of your facility.

We have the resources and experienced personnel to be able to provide the following:

Provision of qualified and experienced staff for full time supervision

Resident Engineers

Clerk of Works

We also have staff trained in confined spaces and working at height in order to carry out technical inspections and professional appraisals of masts towers tanks and culverts.


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