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Completed Projects

Imossi House, cost 1.5M
Jumpers, cost 6.0M
Cormorant Wharf, cost 4.0M
Westview Park, cost 8.5M
Ordnance Wharf (Phase 1), cost 3.0M
Peninsular Heights, cost 6.0M
Ordnance Wharf (Phase 2), cost 2.5M
Admiral's Place, cost 4.5M
Ordnance Wharf (Ph 3 & 4), cost 4.5M
Victoria Stadium, cost 2.5M
Senior Rates, cost 1.0M
Coaling Island, cost 1.5M
Rock Gardens, cost 4.5M
Highcliffe House, cost 5.0M
Retrenchment Block, cost 2.0M
Anchorage, cost 18M
Waterport, cost 9.0M
Nelson's View, cost 10M
Cepsa, cost 1.5M
Quartermaster Stores, cost 3.0M
Kings Wharf (Quay 27), cost 26M
Cumberland Terraces, cost 12M
Park & Ride Phase 1&2, cost 4.0M
Bay View, cost 5.0M
Europa Point Beautification, cost 4.0M
Mid Harbours, cost 40M
Law Courts, cost 7.0M
Engineer Lane, cost 5.0M
Gun Wharf, cost 10M
Saccone & Speed, cost 1.0M
Arengo's, cost 7.0M
Elderly Care facility, cost 3.0M
Cancer Relief, cost 1.0M
Arengo's Palace


Projects In The Pipeline

Mental Health Facility, cost 18M
Conversion & Extensions

Port Authority Offices, cost 1.2M
New build

Old St. Bernard's Road, cost 10M
Conversion to New Schools

Sunborn – Ocean Village, cost 2.0M
Floating Hotel

Commonwealth Park, cost 1.5M
New Park

Europort Avenue, cost 8.0M
Elderly accommodation

Engineer Road, cost 0.5M

Alameda Gardens, cost 0.3M
New offices & work rooms

Jews Gate Cemetery, cost 0.5M